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The roots of the software company Fine go back to early 80’s. At that time, software suite FIN for structural analysis and design of steel, wood and concrete structures was developed in cooperation with Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU in Prague. Slope Stability program

Development of programs GEO focused on geotechnics and foundations started in the late 80’s. Merging development of both programs in the early 90’s made our work more efficient, increased the quality of the products and in 1992 finally resulted in establishment of the company Fine. Since that time, Fine has become an integral part of central European market with civil engineering software.

Another important date in the history of the firm is the year of 1994 when cooperation with Czech producer of steel fasteners for timber structures Bova Březnice was started. This successful collaboration resulted in development of TRUSS software suite designed for modelling and analysis of timber roof structures connected with punched metal plate fasteners.

2 Steel program (1993) Spread Footing program (1994)

Throughout the years 1996-2000 all our programs were transformed to Windows environment. This new platform together with proven know-how of the company allowed development of an entirely new suite of simple and easy-to-control applications. High quality and affordability of the software spread it around the world. Supply of our products was supported by first international partners and also by the e-shop opened in 2006.

Our first branch office (Rosario - Argentina) has been opened in 2012 to support customers throughout Argentina, as well as strengthen the activities already being carried out in Latin America.

In 2013, we entered into a new business relationship with Ganzhou Pangolin Technology Co., Ltd.. This competent distributor is able to support Fine with regard to all Chinese standards and customs.

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