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Educational Licenses

Fine provides educational license of GEO5 software for educational purposes to schools, universities and other academic institutions at a very favorable price*.

Who is eligible?

Teachers (instructors) from academic institutions offering courses that lead to an engineering degree. Software can be used only for educational purposes.

What is the price?

Fine offers educational software for a very small price, just to cover administration and maintenance.

The price of EDU 10 (10 seats in network) costs 1000EUR/ 1100USD.
The price of EDU 50 (11-50 seats in network) costs 1500EUR/ 1650USD.

This price consists of the hardlock and Fine Maintenance program** (including latest upgrades free of charge and technical support). Feel free to contact us in case you need more licenses or a specific solution.

What do you get?

  • Full access to all GEO5 programs by your students via computer network.
  • Engineering manuals - Training materials for students
  • Theoretical and Practical manuals
  • Latest upgrades free of charge and technical support**
  • USB Network Key

What is the difference between Educational and Professional license?

  • All reports are marked with "Educational license - Software can be used only for educational purposes" text.
  • RTF export is not available.

*Terms of the Educational license agreement may differ depending on the region or a dealer.
**Free Fine maintenance (upgrades and support) is provided only to those Educational license users who add the reference link to Fine website to their official university (or university department) web pages.