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How to Subscribe

Any customer can subscribe to the Fine Maintenance program by email, our Online Shop or contacting his Local Dealer.

The Fine Maintenance Service Agreement and the appropriate invoice are sent to the user immediately according to his order. It is not necessary to send the signed copy back.

As soon as the invoice is paid, the agreement comes to effect and the customer becomes a member of the Fine Maintenance support program and may take the advantage of all stated services. Terms of the agreement may differ slightly depending on the region or Local Dealer.

What you should know and consider:

  • Fine Maintenance service agreement is concluded for given software suites (GEO5 and FIN EC). All TRUSS4 users obtain technical support for free as a part of the license lease.
  • Fine Maintenance subscribers have immediate access to the newest GEO5 Edition, FIN EC version respectively.
  • The price of the Fine Maintenance program is 15% of the current price of all purchased licenses for GEO5 or 10% of the current price of all purchased licenses for FIN EC.
  • The Fine Maintenance fee is always paid for a period of one year from the date of purchase and is renewed annually according to the invoice issued by the supplier.
  • Users of old GEO5 versions have to upgrade their software by purchasing a Single Upgrade first.

Do you need immediate support and up to date software?

Calculate your price of Fine Maintenance support immediately by logging into your account, or contact us.