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Deep Foundations

GEO5 contains several programs for design and analysis of pile foundations. It is necessary to select a suitable program considering the structure type and available results of a geotechnical survey.

Programs for Pile Foundation Design

The Pile program is designated to verify vertical bearing capacity of a pushed and pulled pile, pile settlement and horizontal bearing capacity of a single pile. It also enables to design and verify a pile reinforcement.

The Pile CPT program is designated to verify bearing capacity and settlement of a single pile or a pile group according to results of a cone penetration test (CPT).

The Pile Group program is designated to verify pile group with rigid foundation mat, using the spring method (FEM) or analytical solution.

The Micropile program verifies tube micropiles (made from steel tube). When analyzing the bearing capacity of the micropile, the root part and cross section of the micropile are verified.

Some problems (eg. single pile) can also be solved by the finite element method in the FEM program using axisymetry.

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