Reading data into template

Choose the "Import", "Format DXF into template" item in the program menu ("File") and then select in a standard way the file to be imported. The loaded data are displayed in the dialogue window, which allows selecting individual layers to be subsequently read into the template.  All data are always loaded into the program so that the layer selection can be modified anytime.

The same dialogue window allows also determining the unit used when creating the DXF file. The program attempts to estimate it, but it is always necessary to check whether the unit is inputted correctly. The structure can also be moved. The program offers the following options:

  • do not move – this option reads data in the same way as they were inputted
  • automatically from zero – this option moves the structure left bottom corner to the coordinate system origin
  • input – this option allows for defining the shift manually

When importing data it is possible adjust the world margins based on the imported data – this is particularly useful when defining a new task.

Imported data are not transferred directly into the program. Instead, they are read into a template, which is used to transfer data into program later on. When the data are loaded the template is displayed on the desktop and the buttons on a horizontal tool bar, which are used to manage the template, are made available.

Reading data into a templateReading data into a template

Modifying world marginsModifying world margins

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