Truss 3D

Truss 3D serves for complex solution of roof structures in 3D.

Layout and shapes of individual trusses are designed according to user-determined roof topology. Final check of the trusses is performed in program Truss 2D.

Truss 3D screenshots

Solving of structure roof planesEditing of hip detail with displayed trussesView of structure

Structure input

  • templates of common ground plans of buildings, possibility to modify them or introduce an arbitrary ground plan
  • various types of supporting structures (walls, columns, beams)
  • templates of basic truss layouts for common roof details (hips, valley, corner etc.)

Design features

  • automatic or semi-automatic solver of roof planes intersections
  • automatic design of truss shapes according to roof topology and properties of roof details
  • entering of load states
  • generating of load state combinations according to selected design standards
  • multiple introductions of basic loads (roofing, ceiling, snow and wind load)

Display and editing options

  • various display modes – 2D ground plan, 3D visualization – axonometric, perspective
  • copying of properties among walls and roof details
  • possibility to update truss shapes with a change of structure topology


  • printing of project summary information
  • multiple printing of output documents (structural analysis, manufacturing documentation) for the entire project
  • printing of output documents to*.pdf and *.rtf files
  • exports of trusses and structures to CAD programs (DXF, CADwork, DiCAM, SEMA)
  • generating of files for automatic multi-angle saw Stromab and digital press Bova


Last update

TRUSS4 language versions:

  • CS Czech
  • EN English
  • FR French
  • PL Polish

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