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Research License

Research license is provided to research institutions for non-commercial purposes at a very favorable price*. It can be used for research in geotechnical analysis and modeling fields.

Who is eligible?

Researchers working with accredited institutions or researchers working on a grant. Software can be used only for research purposes and the results cannot be used in the commercial sphere. In case of a grant the license is valid only within the grant duration period. Any Research license user should add a reference link to Fine website to their official web pages. Research licensee will be published in the list of customers on Fine webpages.

What is the price?

The price of Research license (local license) is 3500EUR/ 3850USD.

What you get?

  • Full access to all GEO5 programs
  • Theoretical and Practical manuals
  • Portability between computer and laptop
  • USB Key

What is the difference between Research and Professional license?

  • All reports are marked with “Research license - Software can be used only for research purposes” text.

*Terms of the Research license agreement may differ depending on the region or a dealer.