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June 2008 

Co-operation between TNO DIANA BV and Fine Ltd.

TNO DIANA BV and Fine Ltd. have agreed to co-operate in the distribution of geotechnical analysis software .

TNO DIANA BV located in Delft, the Netherlands, and Fine Ltd. located in Prague, Czech Republic, have agreed to co-operate in the distribution of analysis software for the geotechnical and tunnel engineering community. Fine Ltd. becomes exclusive distributor of Midas GTS, the FE program for 3-D geotechnical and tunnel analysis, in Czech republic, Slovak republic and Poland (MMGEO). TNO DIANA will add the GEO5 geotechnical analytical tool suite to its product portfolio. Thanks to this co-operation, both parties expect to expand business by making use of each other’s networks and expertise.


Russian version of GEO5 available!

GEO5 – geotechnical software package has been localized to Russian language.

Download the Russian version of GEO5 demo

GEO5 Demo in other languages is also available.

EN English  RU Russian  HU Hungarian  PL Polish  GR Greek  CZ Czech

TRUSS4 Update available!

New version of TRUSS4, 4.0j, was just released.

Download TRUSS4 version 4.0j

Read the release notes for more details »

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