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February 2010 

Redi Rock Wall according to LRFD

New version of GEO5 Redi Rock Wall program with new option "Analyses according to LRFD (Load and Resistance Factor Design)" has been released.
Redi-Rock Wall program analyzes gravity wall system and is available for FREE. The package consist of wall analysis module, a bearing capacity module and a slope “global” stability module.

Read further information or download GEO5 Redi Rock Wall

Analysis according to LRFD have been also implemented to the following programs: Gravity Wall, Masonry Wall, Prefab Wall, Gabion, Cantilever Wall, Spread Footing, Sheeting Design, Sheeting Check.

Download GEO5 Demo (all GEO5 programs according LRFD included).


GeoFlorida 2010, West Palm Beach, Florida

Geotechnical software GEO5 will be presented at GeoFlorida 2010 "Annual geo-congress of the Geo-Institute of ASCE" in West Palm Beach, Florida (February 20-24, 2010) by our exclusive North American distributor, gINT Software Inc.
If you are interested to learn more, you are welcome to join gINT for presentation and/or discussions.

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