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August 2010 
GEO5 version 11

New Installation System

Dear User,
on the occasion of release of GEO5 version 11, we would like to present our completely new software installation system, which makes the software installation and upgrade incredibly easy.

During the automatic software upgrade Maintenance subscribers obtain GEO5 version 11. The other GEO5 users get the latest update available within the version they have purchased.

Check my licence and install the latest software

New programs

  Beam - analysis of beam on elastic foundation

  FEM - Water flow - analysis of stady stage (FEM modul)

General improvements

Slope stability - modeling of rapid draw down

Piles - new methods for the analysis of vertical bearing capacity (Tomlinson, NAVFAC, effective stresses)

  • analysis of pile loaded in tension
  • new methods for the determination of load settlement curve (Poulos)
  • methodology for verification analysis according to EN 1997 standard or based on classical approach (limit states, factor of safety)
  • Terrain - option to introduce interface using points

    Eurocode EN 1997

  • Implementation of available National Annexes for EN 1997 (all programs).
  • Selection of design situations corresponding with sets of partial factors (all programs).
  • Implemented National Annexes: Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Netherland, Great Britain and Slovenia.
  • More about GEO5 version 11

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