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March 2011 

GEO5 version 12

Dear Customer,
we would like to inform you that GEO5 version 12 has been released.

Check my licence and install the latest software

Maintenance subscribers can take advantage of immediate obtaining GEO5 version 12. The other GEO5 users get the latest update available within the version they have purchased.

New programs

  Plate - The program performs the analysis of foundation and roof plates of any shape using the Finite Element Method.

General improvements

  New RTF exports for MS Word

  Slope stability
- new analyses methods - Morgerstein, Janbu
- output of slip surfaces computed during optimisation

- calculation of settlement depending on time (consolidation)

  Pile CPT
- revision of Eurocode, new 1997-2
- implemented new Schmertmann theory

  Spread Footing
- new partial results - excentricity by load cases

- correction of reinforce ratio for column
- output of results off load cases
- correction of outputs

  Sheeting Check, FEM
- new databases of sheet piles

  All wall programs
- possibility to not consider pressure in the front

- New defaults for EN 1997, new helps
- EN 1997 - Implementation of new National Annexes

More about GEO5 version 12

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