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November 2011 
GEO5 version 13

Dear Customer,
we would like to inform you that GEO5 version 13 in English has been released.

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Maintenance subscribers can take advantage of immediate obtaining GEO5 version 13. The other GEO5 users get the latest update available within the version they have purchased.

New programs

  MSE Wall
The program MSE Wall is used to verify mechanically stabilized earth walls and segmental retaining walls reinforced by geogrids.

MSE Wall set

General improvements

  • Modelling of water as a result of water flow analyses (FEM)
  • Seismic design according to EN 1998, dynamic effect of water
  • New method of determination of pull-out bearing capacity of nails
  • Consolidation analysis of non-homogeneous layered soil
  • New way of passing soil type and its parameters among programs
  • Improved output reporting system:
    • RTF export
    • Compatibility with Office 2010
    • Smart word wrap
    • New explorer window
    • Unicode (national symbols support)

  •   Spread Footing
    - Simplifications of calculations according to EN 1997,
    Design approach no. 1

    - Simplifications of calculations according to EN 1997,
    Design approach no. 1
    - implementation of settlement limit for nonlinear load curve

    - new faster internal solver
    - DXF import in construction stages

      All walls
    - possibility to choose vertical earth wedge
    - influence of earthquake on soil wedge
    - modification of earthquake influence on wall under water
    - dynamic water pressure in front of the structure
    - switch of geo-reinforcement to resisting forces

    - dynamic water pressure in front of the structure

      Cantilever Wall
    - earthquake analysis for pressure at rest according to EN 1998

      Pile CPT
    - partial factors revised according to EN 1997-2

      Sheeting Check
    - reduction of subgrade reaction modulus below ditch bottom
    - more detailed output of internal stability

      Slope Stability
    - increase of normal stress due to anchors (Bishop, Fellenius)

    More about GEO5 version 13

    Demo download


    We would like to present our Academic licenses, which give instructors and researchers the ability to get the full featured versions of GEO5 software at very favourable prices.


    We also want to introduce new one year lease option for customers preffering the lease of software rather than purchasing.

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