GEO5 version 15

We are pleased to announce the release of new – and from our point of view groundbreaking – version of GEO5.

The most important change in version 15 is the new system for input of analysis settings, which makes the work with programs very comfortable. We also release the long-awaited program Pile Group in version 15. There are also the further modifications and improvements within GEO5 programs.


Maintenance subscribers can take advantage of immediate upgrade to GEO5 version 15.

The other GEO5 users can get the latest version by purchasing Single Upgrade.

 Pile Group

We would like to introduce new program designed for analysis of pile groups.

  • analysis of generally loaded pile group using the spring method (FEM)
  • analysis of vertical bearing capacity of pile group using analytical methods
  • analysis of settlement and load-settlement curve

  • ... additional information about Pile Group

New system for input and administration of the analysis settings

We are proud to introduce very significant change, which makes your work with programs even easier.

These are the main benefits:
  • Analysis settings are unified accross all GEO5 programs
  • One click selection to switch between completely different settings as Safety factors or LRFD or Eurocode National Annexes (Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria…)
  • 35 pre-defined settings for various countries
  • Possibility to create user-defined settings for particular analyses
  • Possibility to transfer user-defined settings among various users
  View short tutorial how to use the new system.

Other modifications and improvements

Slope Stability
- automatic analysis of both combinations in case of verification according: EN 1997, DA 1
- improved optimization of both circular and polygonal slip surface

All programs
- limit states and Factor of safety contain defined design situations

MSE wall
- possibility to assign a different soil to a reinforced region

- possibility to input concentrated loaded off the analysis axis

- possibility to choose standard for micropile dimensioning

Earth Pressures, Sheeting
- introduction of the partial factor on Earth resistance according to DA2

And many more improvements – read further info about GEO5 version 15.

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