GEO5 version 14

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we would like to inform you that GEO5 version 14 in English has been released.
Maintenance subscribers can take advantage of immediate obtaining GEO5 version 14.
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General improvements:

  • Graphical printouts with table of soils
  • Export of all topology in DXF format for 1D programs
  • Safety factors and settings for Russia according to SNIPs
  • Chinese language localization
  • Settings for China, implementation of GB 50007-2002 standard
  • Pre-defined slip surface when connecting to Slope stability, new defaults of connection settings
  • Transfer of standard and coeficients settings during connections between programs
  • National Annexes for Czech republic
  • Reinforced concrete
    • Russian standard SNIP 52-01-2003
    • Chinese standard GB 50010-2002
    • American ACI 318 standard 2011
    • Limit strain method
    • Possibility to compute other characteristics from strength in compression for own material

- Axisymetry
- Faster and more stable analysis of slope stability problem

Earth Pressures Earth Pressures  Walls Walls
- New way of computing eartquake effects for high slopes of terrain

Cantilever Wall Cantilever Wall  Masonry Wall Masonry Wall
- Possibility to check stem of wall on active pressure (earthquake)

Slope stability Slope stability
- Possibility to combine total and effective soil properties in one analysis profile
- New method according to Shahunyanc

Prefab wall Prefab wall  MSE wall MSE Wall
- Possibillity to define shear strength between blocks

Spread Footing Spread Footing
- Chinese standard GB 500072002
- Russian standard SNIP 2.02.01-83

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