GEO5 version 18

The new version allows verification of RC & Steel Cross-sections in "Sheeting Check", new types of foundation for Wall applications, horizontal bearing capacity according to Broms in "Piles" and other improvements.

We are also releasing additional chapters of Engineering Manuals devoted to numerical modeling and analyses in the GEO5 - FEM application.

Maintenance subscribers can take the advantage of immediate upgrade to GEO5 version 18 for free.

Other GEO5 users can get the latest version by purchasing a Single Upgrade.

Single Upgrade price from v17 to v18 = 10% of all license prices

  New features in version 18

Application Improvements
Sheeting Check - design of reinforced concrete & steel cross-sections
Piles - horizontal bearing capacity according to Broms
Walls - new types of foundation below the walls (strip footing, piles)
Slope Stability - earthquake analysis according to Chinese standards
Slope Stability - selection of used methods in Settings
Walls - earthquake analysis according to Chinese standards
Spread Footing - new footing eccentricity verification
Sheeting Check - new catalogues of sheet piles (Larsen Knyssen, Arcelor Mittal)
Sheeting Check - plotting of sheet piles cross-sections
Walls, Spread Footing - user defined input of allowable eccentricity of loading
Walls, Spread Footing - user defined determination of critical cross-sections of steel-reinforced concrete structures
Piles - shear bearing capacity of RC cross-section
Piles - tube cross-section

Visualization & Input Improvements
All - improved printout and export of figures
All - improved input of 2D interfaces - automatic connecting of input elements
All - color distinction of status of stage analysis
3D drawing - improved drawing by smoothing
3D drawing - optimized zoom of entire structure both on screen and in printout

  Engineering manuals - Numerical Modeling in FEM

New chapters of Engineering Manuals (Part 3 ) devoted to numerical modeling and analyses in the program GEO5 - FEM have been released.

Any training materials including Engineering manuals can be explored or downloaded for free in the section Documentation at our websites.

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