GEO5 version 19 - Shaft, FEM - Consolidation

The new version comes with a new program Shaft for circular shaft design and a new module - Consolidation (FEM).
It also brings a number of useful features including general shape of pile cap and piles in the Pile Group, universal import of table data and also other enhancements within GEO5 applications.
We are also releasing German and Italian localizations of software and output reports.

Maintenance subscribers can take the advantage of immediate upgrade to GEO5 version 19 for free.

Other GEO5 users can get the latest version by purchasing a Single Upgrade.

Single Upgrade price from v18 to v19 = 10% of all license prices

New applications:

- new program for vertical circular shaft design

FEM - Consolidation
- new module for time dependent settlement analysis

New features:

Pile Group - general shape of pile cap and general coordinates of piles, inclination of piles
Gravity Wall - general shape of wall
Gravity Wall - verification of masonry structures (EN,GB)
Wall programs - interfacing with Piles, Pile Group
All programs - import of table data from text and spreadsheet files (TXT, CSV, XLSX, ODS)
GeoClipboard - copy of geotechnical data using clipboard
DXF import to GeoClipboard
Rock Stability - new input of water, new types of analysis of polygonal slip surface
Rock Stability - overhangs in 3D wedge
MSE Wall - internal stability for walls with benches
MSE Wall - new types of geo-reinforcement in database
MSE Wall - graphical input of slip surface
Sheeting Check - automatic iteration of subgrade modulus Kh
Settlement - graph of consolidation
Sheeting Check - Normal force for verification of steel structures
Gabion, Prefab Wall - with possibility to consider minimal dimensioning pressure


German version - software and output reports
Italian version - software and output reports


NAD Singapore
NAD Denmark
DK NA: 2013 - Spread Footing - analysis of bearing capacity
Gravity Wall - masonry structures according to EN 1996-1-1 (EC6)
Gravity Wall - masonry structures according to GB50003-2011 (China)
Sheeting Check - verification of steel according to GB50017-2003 (China)


User Guide - Chinese and Russian localization
Engineering manuals (Part 1) - Bulgarian and Chinese version
Engineering manuals (Parts 2 and 3) - Spanish version

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