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GEO5 Spring update - Counterfort walls, Stratigraphy improved


Spring update brings a number of improvements in our programs:

  • Counterfort and buttress walls (Cantilever Wall)
  • Settlement analysis behind the wall (Sheeting Check)
  • Influence of earthquake effect (Spread Footing)
  • Possibility to input of terrain by coordinates X, Z (Rock Stability)
  • Calculation of overhangs for planar and polygonal slip surfaces (Rock Stability)
  • New shapes of the walls, modeling of front wall jump (Gravity Wall)
  • New help system (All programs)

Stratigraphy improvements:

  • Significant acceleration of 3D rendering
  • Coordinate systems
  • Surface countour lines
  • Orthophotomap on the terrain

Site Investigation
module release is postponed to November 2018, as we want to support all requested functions in the required quality.
As our apologize Stratigraphy users will receive 2019 version for free.


Fine Maintenance

Fine Maintenance subscribers and GEO5 2018 users can download and install the Spring Update for free. Other users can calculate the price of the Single Upgrade in our Shop - just log into your account.


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