Annexes in all FIN EC programs, Localization of all FIN EC programs into Italian

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Annexes in all FIN EC programs

Annexes are a new tool, enabling to enter texts, import and edit images, PDF files and include them in the output protocol. Imported Annexes are stored within the program data.

FINE EC - Annexes
FINE EC - Annexes

Import DWG
Enhanced options of the *.dwg import (all programs)

Printing window
New navigation in the document with the help of tree menu (all programs)

FIN 2D and FIN 3D
Display cross-section name on the workspace

Italian localization
Localization of all FIN EC programs into Italian and implementation of Italian NAs for Eurodes

Verification programs
New node type "Internal hinge with support" for the task type Beam

Steel, Steel Fire
User-defined selection of lateral torsional buckling curve

Consideration of horizontal force eccentricity in the verification of tensile reinforcement

FIN EC - Italian version
FIN EC - New Engineering Manuals

New Engineering Manuals

im # 8F - Fire resistance of RC column
im # 45 - How to use Annexes



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