Geotechnical BIM, many new features in programs and new localizations.

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New GEO5 Edition is coming .. with the Geotechnical BIM


GEO5 and Geotechnical BIM

The new version brings a many improvements that allow working according to the principles of geotechnical BIM. The improvements include:

  • Loading of users maps and plans
  • Planning of geological survey
  • Data transferring to mobile devices
  • Adding external objects to 3D model
  • Improved data exports / imports


Pile - EA-Pfahle


New features in GEO5 programs

  • New way of anchor modelling (FEM)
  • Analysis of pile bearing capacity according to EA−Pfähle (Pile)
  • Pile bearing capacity according to the De Beer method - NBN EN1997-1 ANB (Pile CPT)
  • Visualisation of load and springs (Pile Group)
  • Calculation of crack width according to Chinese standards (Cantilever Wall)
  • Pfeifer meshes (Nailed Slope)
  • Tensar UX catalog of reinforcements (MSE Wall)
  • Strauss and Root Piles (Pile CPT)
  • User-defined areas in templates (Stratigraphy)
  • dutch-flg Dutch, slovak-flg Slovak and brazil-flg Brazilian localizations

Webinar: How to design a top−down tunnel in GEO5 FEM

Join our webinar 7.12.2021, 10:00 (CET) to learn:

  • Essential principles of FEM
  • FEM as a black-box: inputs and outputs
  • How to create a model of top-down tunnel
  • Overview of other use cases (stress-strain, stability, water flow, ...)
  • Tips&Tricks; Limitations of FEM

Tomáš Janda
Instructor and GEO5 developer

Webinar - FEM


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