Import of geological maps and site investigation data to Stratigraphy, Introduction of anchors to Gravity Wall and more …

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The latest update brings many improvements. See what’s new.


Geological maps & source data

Stratigraphy is now able to import geological maps and site investigation data from a variety of sources. It also allows defining the points of interest for further exploration.

  • Topographic and satellite world maps (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
  • Geological maps and site exploration data from Czech (CGS), Slovak (SGIDS) geological institutes, and other sources
Gravity Wall - Introduction of anchors


New features in GEO5 programs

  • Gravity Wall - Introduction of anchors
  • Sheeting Check - Vertical bearing capacity
  • Slope Stability - DIN 1054 calculation
    - Different soil parameters bellow GWT
  • All programs - Field test visualization in the output reports
  • FEM - Animation of results (Earthquake, Consolidation, Transient water flow)
  • Earth Pressures - Increased active pressure
  • Anti-Slide Pile - Design of lagging
  • Stratigraphy - XLSX and XML universal export/ import

many other improvements


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