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Personalized Setup

Personalized Setup is a system for software installation and license management. Download Personalized Setup, which recognizes your hardlock and prepares the software installation or update according to your license and maintenance status.

How does it work?

  • Your license is identified by the hardlock attached. Your software installation/update is then tailored according to your license and maintenance status.
  • Personalized Setup is available for any user regardless of purchased product version.
    • The users with Fine Maintenance subscription get the latest Edition released.
    • The users without Fine Maintenance Subscription get the latest available update available within the Edition they have purchased.
  • Software update can be launched by clicking on the shortcut in the GEO5 (FIN EC, TRUSS4) folder or by downloading the Personalized Setup.


  • Only required data is downloaded during software update.
  • Additionally purchased software is available in minutes.
  • If you install demo version of unpurchased products, it will not affect any licensed application.
  • The installed programs can be copy-pasted among PCs.

Software Update

You can update your GEO5 (FIN EC, TRUSS4) software anytime by clicking on the Update shortcut in the folder with your applications or by downloading the Personalized Setup.