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GEO5 Software

Slope Stability – Water Flow

The Slope Stability – Water Flow module allows the determination of the pore pressures in the slope by using the steady state or transient groundwater seepage analysis by the finite element method.

The module is connected directly to the Slope Stability program and can be purchased separately without the need to purchase the FEM program.

  • Available in packages:

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Main Features

  • Material models for the unsaturated zone:
    • Log-linear model
    • Van Genuchten model
    • Gardner model
  • Database of material parameters based on USCS classification and soil consistency
  • Boundary conditions:
    • Impermeable line
    • Permeable line
    • Prescribed pore pressure
    • Prescribed inflow / outflow
    • Seepage surface with conditions not known in advance
  • Point hydraulic conditions:
    • Inflow / outflow
    • Pore pressure at a point
  • Possibility to represent partially permeable interfaces (contacts) and beams
  • Introduction of drains and preference paths
  • Flexible time step adjustment for effective computation
  • Lucid representation of pore pressure distribution, flow velocities and ground water table

More Features

Training Materials

New Features in GEO5 2022

GEO5 2022
  • Geotechnical BIM in GEO5 software
  • New way of anchor modelling
  • Analysis of pile bearing capacity according to EA-Pfähle
  • Pile bearing capacity according to the De Beer method
    (Pile CPT)
  • Visualisation of load and springs
    (Pile Group)
  • Tensar UX catalog of reinforcements
    (MSE Wall)

"Slope Stability – Water Flow" Output Report Sample

GEO5 Slope Stability - Example of Output Document from the Water Flow module

Main Advantages

  • Customizable report structure
  • Report header personalization
  • Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis
  • Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings

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Try GEO5 software yourself.
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