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Creation of Soil Lens

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Now we model a "soil lens" according to the following picture.

In the "Geological model" frame, we enter new borehole (Red 1) in the middle of lens (coordinates: [11; 5]) and enter new layer (Red, thickness [0.5 m]) using "Insert (before 3)".

Note: When pressing "Add textually" no borehole can be selected in the table and the geological model has to be already created. The information about way of borehole creation is displayed in the dialog window "New borehole". In our case, description "Layers are generated from the geological model" is shown. If the information is different (we copy another borehole), it is always possible to change it by pressing the "Change status" button.

Input of new borehole in the middle of soil lens

After adding, this borehole is shown in red and it is not active - because it is not compatible with the other boreholes.

Borehole in the middle of soil lens

Next we modify master borehole (always on the right side). We add a red layer between green and brown layers. We will not enter a thickness of this layer, we set a location of lower interface of layer as a "not specified".

Modification of master borehole

This red layer is subsequently transferred to all other boreholes, but it has no exact location. The layer thickness used in the model generation is defined only in the borehole "Red 1".

Model after adding the red layer to Master borehole

Now we modify red soil layer in the borehole BH 1(3). We change location of lower interface from "not defined" to "define depth" and enter the depth of lower interface of red layer [2 m]. (The depth is measured from the top of the borehole, positive values downward, negative upward).

Modification of borehole BH 1(3)

The model with red soil len is ready.

Final model with soil lens

For better visualisation we can add a new cross section with coordinates [11; 0], [11; 10].

Final model with soil lens

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