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GEO5 Software

Training Materials

Learning materials help you understand how a particular engineering task can be solved and which theory principles are used.
See how intuitive GEO5 software really is with the help of the following training materials:

Engineering Manuals

Engineering Manuals are training materials created as a response to frequently asked questions from our users. Goal of each chapter is to explain how a particular engineering problem can be solved in our software. They often use our Example files, so you can open them in the software and try for yourself.

Example Data Files

Most Engineering Manuals work with our example data files distributed with the software. Thanks to this, the students can benefit from comparing their results with the manual and verify that they have really understood the topic and modeled the example correctly.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials explain the basic work with the software and how to use it to easily solve specific tasks. All videos are also available on our YouTube channel “GEO5 Geotechnical Software”. Subscribe so you don’t miss any new video.

Online Help - F1

This is the contextual help available directly in the software by pressing the "F1" key. It answers directly to the part of the program topic by step-by-step assistance and also explains all methods and theories used in the analysis.

It is also available for download in PDF format or online at our website.

Verification Manuals

These documents aim to prove the accuracy of the calculations of our programs in comparison with hand-made calculations of specific tasks.

The tasks are clearly described and also contain links to example data files distributed with the GEO5 software.

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