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We help our customers to carry out major projects and support them in analyzing and succeeding in their tasks. See what they are saying about us.

Also, let us introduce some interesting projects designed and realized by our users.


The GEO5 programs are very user-friendly and intuitive to use. Data obtained in the field can be easily entered and used for calculation in accordance with national standards. All calculation steps are clearly documented. GEO5 is highly recommended!

DI Dr. mont. Thomas Unterweissacher EurGeol, Geschäftsführer, GEO Unterweissacher GmbH

We have been using the GEO5 software for years, especially Stratigraphy & Terrain programs. We can only recommend the software! Congratulations to the GEO5 team!

Mag. Dr. Gerhard Neuhuber, Geschäftsführung, G² Ingenieurbüro für Geologie & Hydrogeologie

We are very satisfied with the GEO5 software. The input is user-friendly, the verifications are complete and the output is suitable for inclusion in the static calculation. Above all, the intermediate results make the final result easy to understand.

Dipl.-Ing. Mladen Cerin, Managing Director, MCC Dipl.-Ing. Cerin Consulting ZT Gesellschaft m.b.H


For the execution of 7 new bridges by ViaTAlbert Bouw across the Albert Canal in Belgium, the GEO5 software was very useful. It provided a good insight for the design of the new quay walls, temporary stability of the existing quay walls in different stages.

ir. Dries Decloedt, Design Engineer, I.d.d. Engineering


Several things make GEO5 a unique software. Firstly, all modules are easy to use and the printout is highly analytical. The software is also accompanied by extensive supporting manuals and additional documentation. We highly recommend it!

Yiannis Pericleous, Structural Engineer, A. J. Pericleous LLC

GEO5 is considered one of the best Geotechnical Design software in the market. Apart from that, what I love in this software is that it is very user-friendly and the manuals which are incorporated within the software describe the theory and input parameters in great detail. Keep up the good work!

Antonis Yiapanis, Director / Civil Engineer Ε.Μ.Π, MEng, MSc, CivilPro Tech Engineering Consultants LLC

Czech Republic

What I value the most about the GEO5 software suite is that the available modules cover most aspects of routine geotechnical design. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and intuitive.

Michal Uhrin, Principal Engineer, SUDOP Praha

I use wide scale of programs in different language versions for foreign contracts. I appreciate the possibilities of calculation according to various foreign standards. 

Jaroslav Lacina, Principal Engineer, AMBERG Engineering Brno, a.s.

The added value of GEO5 software is that thanks to the intuitive user interface we can concentrate on the technical aspects of the tasks when teaching and not have to spend time on explaining how to work with the software. 

Ing. Jan Kos, CSc., Geotechnical Department, Technical University in Prague

The software is user-friendly, intuitive and powerful. I appreciate the online help with explanation of applied theories and verifications. 

Eva Hrubešová, Head of the Department of Geotechnics and Underground Engineering, VSB - Technical University Ostrava

Thanks to the engineering manuals, students can learn how to solve the problems themselves using the GEO5 software. That gives more time to discuss the different design approaches and solutions in the lesson.

Jan Pruška, Associate Professor, Technical University in Prague

As a designer of water structures, I often deal with the flow of grounwater through the porous (rock) environment, such as flood dikes or filled dams of ponds. GEO5 FEM– Flow solves complexly and simply both types of flowing (steady and unsteady) in the model crossections. The user environment and work with this software is simple and very intuitive.

Ing. Vítězslav Dvořák, Civil Engineer, Water Management Development and Construction joint stock Company (VRV)


What I really like about GEO5 software is the Contextual help which contains a veritable and rich library with information on the analysis methods. The integrated catalog of geosynthetic products also makes work easier during a study.

Jean-Frédéric OUVRY, Directeur de projets Infrastructures, Antea Group


All modules are easy to understand and you can achieve very good results after a short time.

Frau Brehm, Geschäftsführerin, Institut für Angewandte Geologie und Umweltanalytik, Dipl. Geol. J. Brehm GmbH

We use GEO5 software for 7 years for universal calculations in our engineering office. The software is designed with a clear input structure and simple operation. The presentation of complex geological structures is possible. The results are printed as text and CAD compatible data. The price range is very good.

Dr. Aschenbrenner, Geschäftsführer, Geowissenschaftliches Büro Dr. Aschenbrenner GmbH

We evaluate the GEO5 software as good - very good!

Andreas Herold, Managing Director, IBH – Herold & Partner Ingenieure Part mbH

The software is very easy to use, quick and easy to learn. Due to the selection of the different calculation methods, it can be used in a variety of ways. Unimaginable without it!

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Erasmus Koch, Partner, Gröninger & Koch Ingenieurgemeinschaft

The programme makes a good impression, the operation is almost self-explanatory.

Dipl.-Ing. Arne Hinniger, Consulting Engineer in Civil Engineering, Hinniger Engineering Office

The programmes can be learned quickly and are of high quality.

Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut Richhardt, Richhardt Engineering Office


The user interface is very simple and it is easy to describe the geotechnical model and each phase of the construction. GEO5 software also contains a variety of analysis methods and all the necessary regulations. 

Stamoulaki Lamprini, Civil – Geotechnical Engineer

I have used the program for analysis and dimensioning 9 different quays in offshore projects in Cyclades area and I’m very satisfied. The software was very simple to learn while it covered all the requirements of the study.

Psaliakir Misalir, Civil – Geotecnical Engineer, Ε.Μ.Π

We were satisfied with the simplicity in specialized cases of gabion wall design. We haven’t used the program on a big project yet.

Triantos Christos, Civil – Geotecnical Engineer, GEOMELETI

I have used the program for analysis and dimensioning 9 different quays in offshore projects in Cyclades area and I’m very satisfied. The software was very simple to learn while it covered all the requirements of the study.

Psaltakis Michalis, Civil Engineer

The program GEO5 is very easy and very useful in geotechnical design.

Kotsailidis Symeon, Geologist


I found the software well structured, easy to use and in line with current geotechnical and engineering standards. The input is simple and the presentation of the calculation results is clear and exhaustive. And, no less important, customer assistance at Fine Software has always been professional.

Giovanni Comunello, Geotechnical Engineer,


GEO5 programs are easy to use and give the ability to analyze a structure according to the current standards. We are following the latest software updates and constantly expanding our GEO5 software package.

Karolina Trybocka, Head of the design department, Menard Polska

GEO5 software is convenient and easy to use even for beginners. Thanks to the division into individual modules that cover different technologies and types of calculations, you can buy the package that ideally matches your needs.

Urszula Tomczak, Design Office Manager, Soletanche Polska Sp. z o.o.

GEO5 software is user-friendly and easy to use. Printouts are clear and comprehensive to illustrate the results of the calculations. This is a convenient and very useful tool in the everyday work of the designer.

Jacek Pieczyrak, Professor, The University of Bielsko-Biala

The GEO5 software is a very useful tool for solving geotechnical tasks. The programs we use are solid support in the implementation of geotechnical expertise, giving an opportunity to perform calculations in a user-friendly environment. We value this software for its current update in the field of compliance with standards as well as the development in current trends related to modelling of soil-structure interaction.

dr hab. inż. T. Godlewski, prof. Instytutu Kierownik Pracowni Geotechniki, Instytut Techniki Budowlanej

The advantages of the GEO5 package are an intuitive interface, compatibility between programs and calculations based on applicable standards. Thanks to that the work runs smoothly and allows you to optimize the designer's working time.

dr inż. Mariusz Paleczek, Board President, Value Engineering Sp. Z o.o.


I have been calculating gabion walls with your GEO5 program every time I need it, although I don't use it often, it has been useful. I didn't need any help so far, as the program is easy to use. The program gives a well reasoned description of the calculations and it is easy to understand them.

Eng. António Cunha, AJVC, LDA

Russian Federation

The programs have a very intuitive interface and all support modern methods of calculation. If necessary, they also allow the transfer of settlement results between different modules.

Fedorenko E.V., Team Leader, Miakom Engineering

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, no special training is required to get started. The software modules communicate well with each other and with the AutoCAD software, which saves a lot of time.

V.N. Mar’enko, Branch Chief Engineer, Moscow design and survey institute "Moszheldorproekt" - branch of Joint-stock company "Roszheldorproject”

The GEO5 programs are based on the methodology of prof. Shahunyants and meet all the requirements of the current regulatory documents.

P.B. Gotovtsev, Development Director, Company "NPK SLAVROS"

The software suite has a fairly simple and intuitive interface, which makes it possible to perform calculations of complex geotechnical tasks with different conditions, taking into account the construction stages. 

Melezhikov Y. P., Chief Project Engineer, Inzhzashchita

The GEO5 programs are very easy to learn and use. The programs have made our Institute work more efficiently. Furthermore, the programs are localized in Russian, which comes in handy when working in this industry.

Eskermesov Zh. T., General Director, Zaman Kurylys


Geotechnical calculations performed by this softwares give us very good information on the behavior of construction structures - from the beginning of construction to its completion.

Jozef Kuzma, Associate Professor, Slovak Technological University of Bratislava


Thanks to GEO5 I can propose, test and decide optimal solutions to complex geotechnical problems based on several approaches and hypotheses, thanks to its versatility, simplicity and step by step analysis. The technical service is at the height of the best, being professionals with deep knowledge in the subjects that treat the programs. 

Antonio Ortiz Esteller, Consulting , Vortize Consultores

It is the only geotechnical design software I know which can be used by structural engineers for purposes of involving geotechnical aspects in their structural designs. 

Edinson Guanchez, Consulting Engineer & Research Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC)

United Kingdom

When we switched to Fine GEO5 software, we found it to be much more user-friendly than our previous geotechnical software. In comparison, the results were generally more efficient allowing us to make our designs more cost-effective.

Gordon Mackenzie CEng MICE, Managing Director, Geoman Ltd.