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This program is used for verification of steel tube micropiles. When calculating the micropile bearing capacity, the program verifies both the root and shaft.

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Main Features

  • Built-in database of steel cross-sections
  • Loading due to normal force and moment
  • Simple input of layer geometry
  • Built-in database of soils
  • General layered subsoil
  • Check for buckling failure using the following theories:
    • Equation of bending of a prismatic beam (geometric method)
    • After Salas
    • After Souch
  • Verification of the micropile cross-section adjusted for projected lifetime
  • Verification of the micropile root using one of the following methods:
    • Lizzi
    • Littlejohn
    • Zweck
    • Bowlese
    • Véas
    • Bustamante (SPT, Pressiometer Ménard)
  • Analyses may be based on the theory of limit states or factor of safety

More Features

Training Materials


"Micropile" Output Report Sample

GEO5 Micropile - Customized Output Report Example

Main Advantages of GEO5 Report

  • Possibility of custom report structures
  • Company profile with logo in the report header
  • Pictures can be added and edited
  • Up-to-date pictures with the current data

Try GEO5 software yourself.
For free, without analysis restrictions.

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