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FEM – Tunnel

FEM – Tunnel is used to design and analyze tunnels. Tunnel is an extension module of the FEM program for analysis of geotechnical problems.

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Main Features

The module contains the following capabilities:

  • Two options for modelling linings (Beam elements - 1D or standard 2D elements)
  • The option to create a geometrical model of the lining in a separate pre-processor using data in an external format (such as DXF).
  • The simple introduction of the lining into the soil/rock body - topology correction and mesh generation are fully automatic
  • Any number of construction stages
  • Loading of the lining geometry in DXF format
  • Use of a relaxation factor to model the 3D behavior of the body during excavation
  • The introduction of hinged bearing ends of the beam elements
  • Input of temperature loads
  • Consideration of soil swelling
  • Consideration of lining shrinkage
  • Analysis of a secondary lining either by changing the geometrical parameters (1D elements) or by changing the parameters of the original lining to allow the transfer of stresses (2D elements)
  • The introduction of monitoring points anywhere in the body
  • Graphical representation of the distribution of internal forces on active parts of the lining
  • The introduction of anchors fixed at their end points or along their length(s)
  • The introduction of anchors as a region of improved soil mass (anchored region)

More Features

Training Materials

FEM Extension Modules:

The module is not available separately. The FEM program is required.

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