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Sheeting Check

This program is used to analyze deep excavations and retaining structures by the method of elasto-plastic non-linear analysis i.e. the magnitude of pressures acting upon a structure depend on its deformation. It models real behavior of the structure during construction process and determinates internal forces and deformations.

Preliminary design of wall dimensions, internal forces and anchor loads can be performed by GEO5 Sheeting Design program.

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Main Features


  • Generally layered soil environment
  • Built-in database of soil parameters
  • Arbitrary number of surcharges applied to structures (strip, trapezoidal, concentrated load)
  • Modelling of water in front of and behind structures, modelling of artesian water
  • Arbitrary number of anchors
  • Analysis according to the theory limit states and safety factor
  • Verification of internal stability of anchors
  • Various methods for the evaluation of the modulus of subsoil reaction (Schmitt, Ménard, Chadeisson)
  • Automatic or manual iteration of modulus of subgrade reaction
  • EN 1997 – option to choose partial factors based on National Annexes
  • EN 1997 – option to choose all design approaches, consider design situations
  • General shape of terrain behind the structure
  • Berms in front of the structure
  • Earthquake effects (Mononobe-Okabe, Arrango, Chinese standards)
  • Analysis of earth pressures in effective and total parameters
  • Possibility to consider minimum dimensioning pressure
  • Struts and springs can be defined
  • Envelope of internal forces for individual construction stages
  • The structure can be loaded by specified forces and moments
  • Pre-defined types of cross-section:
    • Piled
      • secant
      • tangent
      • soldier pile
    • Steel cross section (I, HEB)
    • Sheet piles (Arcelor Mittal, Vítkovice Steel, ThyssenKrupp, Gerdau, Bethlehem Steel, Mer Lion Metals)
    • Concrete rectangular walls (Diaphragm wall, Milano walls, Berliner walls)
    • Other – possibility to input own material characteristics
  • Dimensioning of RC and steel cross-sections according to various standards (EC, BS, SNiP, CSN, Chinese standards etc.)
  • Check the failure by heave and verification of failure by piping of soil
  • Further information on common features of GEO5 software

More Features

Training Materials

Programs Linked Together

The program allows to transfer some data for additional verification to the following programs:

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"Sheeting Check" Output Report Sample

GEO5 Sheeting Check - Output Report Sample

Main Advantages of GEO5 Report

  • Possibility of custom report structures
  • Company profile with logo in the report header
  • Pictures can be added and edited
  • Up-to-date pictures with the current data

Try GEO5 software yourself.
For free, without analysis restrictions.

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