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License type is determined by the purpose, for which the license was provided (commercial or academic) and by the type of use: local license (for standalone computer) or network license (for more computers in a network).

Standalone License

If you buy a local license, you may install the software on arbitrary number of computers, however it will only run on a computer, to which your hardlock is attached.

Flexible (Network) License

If you buy a network license, you may use the software on more computers in a network. Maximum number of users that can work with the software at one time is given by the number of purchased licenses. In order to run the application, appropriate network hardlock has to be connected to a computer in the network.

Academic Licenses

Academic licenses of GEO5 software are provided for non-commercial purposes at very favourable price. Find further information about Academic Licenses.


We supply our products along with hardlocks, which protect our software against illegal use or copying.

Hardlock is a tiny device to be connected to USB port of your computer.

We recognize the following types of hardlocks: Local – for standalone computer (local license), Network – for computers connected in a network (network license) and Time – for standalone computer (lease option).

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