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Key features of FIN EC

FIN EC is a software suite for structural analysis and design of planar or spatial frame structures. The system consists of easy to use stand alone programs, that share the same user interface and communicate with each other.

Try FIN EC software yourself. Download Free Demoversion.

Complex Software Solution

FIN EC contains programs for analysis of frame structures using the finite element method and complete structural design of individual elements or details.

User-Friendly Interface

FIN EC is composed of individual programs with unified user interface. The programs are designed to copy the methods used in hand calculations, which makes them easy to use and not requiring any special training.

Verifiable Calculations

The remarks of FIN EC programs are the clear and controllable methods of analysis, which can be printed out including all input values. The user can easily verify the applicability of the analysis and calculations validity in non-standard situations. If possible, the analytical methods are preferred over solution using FEM, because of their controllability.

Comprehensive Outputs

FIN EC programs generate clear text and graphical outputs that can be easily edited according to needs of the user (add company logo, insert images). The first document type is mainly ideal for thorough verification of calculations, while the one-page graphical output contains the input data and analysis results for one construction element. The users appreciate them mainly while completing the final documentation of structural analysis. Created images are always up to date, according to latest data. Outputs can be printed directly from the program, saved as PDF or exported to external text editor (MS Word).

BIM Support, Connection With Other Programs

FIN EC programs support the IFC format for information exchange in a structure design and building information modeling (BIM). Thanks to the advanced import capabilities of inner forces, it is easy to assess projects created in other structural programs.

Engineering Manuals and Contextual Help

FIN EC software is easy to use and does not require any special training or studying guides. Nevertheless, we do offer contextual help, that can be accessed directly from the program itself by pressing the F1 key. The corresponding chapter explaining the currently opened part of the program is always opened.

Low-Cost System

Advantage of the FIN EC software is it’s modular low-cost system. Therefore, the user can purchase only one program and buy additional ones later as required. The price of individual programs can be found out in the Shop, including all possible discounts.

Technical Support

Basic Technical Support is available free of charge to any GEO5 user. Fine offers programme of widened support - Fine Maintenance. The service is available to anyone for an annual fee, and included are hotline phone support, professional engineering assistance and unlimited access to software upgrades. The user also gets discounts on specialized seminars and practical courses on the software use.

Try FIN EC software yourself. Download Free Demoversion.

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