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Designing programs

Simple programs for easy verification of structural elements that can be used in connection with FIN 2D/3D programs

Programs for Structural Design

Designing programs are simple applications that can be used in two basic ways: As separate programs - designed for easy and quick verification of structural elements exposed to given combination of internal forces. However, they can also be used as designing modules in the FIN 2D and FIN 3D programs for the calculation of internal forces by FEM.

The programs are created with respect to the needs of designers, therefore contain detailed descriptions of the calculations for possible control and various printing options both in the form of well-arranged one-page documents and detailed output reports documenting each step of the evaluation.

Basic programs are Steel, Concrete and Timber. These products serve for routine checks in compliance with the basic design standards for relevant structures. A part of FIN EC is also a suite of designing program for verification the fire resistance of structures Steel Fire, Concrete Fire and Timber Fire. When linked to the FIN programs, the designing modules can be freely combined and the whole structure can be verified according to the basic design, and with regard to resistance to fire.

A unique product is the Concrete Beam program, which is designed for comprehensive analysis of horizontal RC structures, including the control of cracks and deflections. This program can also be used in connection with programs FIN 2D and FIN 3D.

The Masonry program, which performs the verification of masonry walls and pillars, can be included into the group of designing programs.

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