FIN EC software


FIN EC Subscription (or Fine Maintenance for perpetual license users) provides an instant access to the latest software and premium technical support.

Always up-to-date features
Premium support
New programs within a package for free
Discount on additional software
Engineering assistance

Why to Subscribe?

Always up-to-date software

Our subscription service always provides you with the newest software, meaning you receive new features instantly as they are released, without the need to purchase upgrades.

Premium support

We are here to help you with anything related to the use of our software as quickly as possible. Our technical support team is ready to help you by phone or email.

Discounts on additional software purchases

As a FIN EC subscriber, you will get 10% off any additional programs or packages you order.

New programs within a package for free

If a new program is added to a package, you will receive it immediately after release at no additional cost.

Professional engineering assistance

If you find any difficulties using our software, our experts are ready to help you with any engineering problems related to FIN EC.

Subscription types

Standard Subscription

Subscription is valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase, and is renewed annually according to a proforma invoice issued by Fine or a local dealer.

The subscription can be prolonged in the Online Shop, you can also manage the automatic renewal.

Visit our Online Shop to see the current subscription fees, or see our price list.

Fine Maintenance

Maintenance provides the same benefits as Standard Subscription to the perpetual license users. The Maintenance fee is 15% of the current price of all purchased perpetual licenses per year.

If you own a license to older FIN EC Edition, you need to upgrade to the latest Edition by purchasing a Single Upgrade first. Alternatively you can subscribe to FIN EC to receive the same benefits.

Terms and conditions

By subscribing to FIN EC or Fine Maintenance, you agree to our Licensing Agreement.


How often is FIN EC software updated?

A new Edition of FIN EC is released annually in November, with additional feature updates throughout the year. FIN EC subscribers always have instant access to the latest features and updates.

How to renew the FIN EC Subscription?

If you selected the automatic renewal, your bank card will be charged automatically, unless you cancel the subscription before the renewal date. In other cases, you will receive a proforma invoice 30 days before the end of the subscription period. The subscription is then renewed automatically by paying for the next year.

What happens if the Subscription is not renewed?

If the subscription is not renewed, your access to the software will be terminated. You are welcome to subscribe again at any time in our Online Shop.

What happens if the Fine Maintenance is not renewed?

If the Maintenance is not renewed, you will lose access to the newest upgrades, however, your software will still be working in the version you had before the service ended. You are welcome to subscribe again at any time in our Online Shop

Can I exclude a no longer used program from the subscription?

Yes. Please contact our dealer, or us at at least 30 days before the end of your subscription period. We will recalculate the price for the new time period.

How to end the FIN EC Subscription?

FIN EC subscription is automatically terminated, if not renewed. You can manage your subscription in the Online Shop. Alternatively, feel free to contact our dealer, or us at

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