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Stability Analysis

Stability Analysis of Earth Slopes

The stability of a generically specified slope consisting of soils or weathered rocks can be solved analytically in the Slope Stability program. Slope Stability can determine the worst circular or polygonal slip surface, solve specific groundwater scenarios whilst incorporating stabilization elements such as anchors, nails, reinforcements, and/or piles.

Anti-slide piles can be checked for deformation and bearing capacity in the Anti-slide Pile program.

GEO5 software - Stability Analysis of Earth Slopes

Stability of Rock Slopes

The Rock Stability program solves the stability of rock slopes according to planar or polygonal slip surfaces. It is also possible to analyse rock wedges using the stereographic Lambert projection.

GEO5 software - Stability of Rock Slopes

Stability of Man-Made Slopes

Slopes reinforced with geotextiles can be designed in the MSE Wall program. In addition to the global stability, this program can perform required verifications such as internal stability, slip on reinforcement, overturning, and slip or bearing capacity of foundation soil.

The Nailed Slope program is designed to analyse slopes retained with nails and shotcrete or steel meshing. In addition to the overall stability, the internal stability of the nails and the dimensioning of reinforced concrete or steel mesh cover can be checked.

GEO5 software - Stability of Man-Made Slopes

FEM Analysis

The groundwater can be analysed using the numerical seepage waterflow calculation in the Slope Stability – Water Flow extension module. Both steady and transient waterflow can be considered.

The stability of generic slopes can also be solved numerically in the FEM program. The program uses a stepwise reduction of the M-C shear strength parameters (ϕ, c) which can be run during any construction stage. If required the numerical seepage analysis can be solved using the FEM – Waterflow extension module.

GEO5 software - FEM Analysis

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