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Excavation Design

Verification of Shoring Structures

A detailed analysis of a shoring structure is carried out in the Sheeting Check program, where the structure is loaded by earth pressures depending on its deformation. The program checks the bearing capacity of the shoring structure, the internal stability of the anchor system, the bearing capacity of the individual anchors, hydraulic verifications such as heave and piping, and/or the vertical bearing capacity.

The global stability of the structure is solved in the Slope Stability program. All required data is automatically transferred between both programs.
An earth pressure is applied to the general structural which can then be analysed in the Earth Pressures program.

Design of Shoring Structure

The initial design of the shoring structure can be done in the Sheeting Design program. The key results obtained in this program are the minimum required depth of structure in the soil, the preliminary internal forces and the anchor forces.

The structure can be loaded by active pressure, increased active pressure, or pressure at rest.

FEM calculations

Numerical analysis of complex excavations, often combined with other structures, can be done in the FEM program. It is possible to model all cross-section types, anchors, beams, etc. An advantage is the ability to use various non-linear material models for specific soil types; i.e. cam-clay or hypoplastic clay.

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