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FIN EC Software


The program has been developed for verification of reinforced concrete cross-sections of any shape under action of combinations of forces and bending moments. The analysis is performed according to EN 1992-1-1 and EN 1992-2 (Eurocode 2). This product is based on former programs Concrete 3D, Concrete 2D and Concrete Plain. The installation contains also program Section.

  • Available in packages:

Try FIN EC software yourself. Download Free Demoversion.

Main features

  • National annexes for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Bulgaria
  • Option for input of arbitrary values of partial safety factors
  • Modes for verification of planar and biaxial bending and for plain concrete elements
  • Database of cross-sections including import of general geometry from program Section
  • Import of loads from *.csv or *.txt file
  • Check of indicative strength class, minimum cover and structural rules according to the member type
  • Verification of ultimate and serviceability (stress and crack control)
  • 3D interaction diagram for easy results display
  • Detailed text and brief graphical reports

The program works as a standalone application or as a designing module in programs FIN 3D and FIN 2D. In this mode, the structure is created in FIN programs, that calculate deformations and internal forces. These results are transferred into the program Concrete. This program performs the verification according to the given standard. Results and updated cross-sections are transferred back into FIN programs. Such mutual communication leads to efficient optimization of structure design.

Additional tools

  • Section – Calculation of cross-sectional characteristics of arbitrary shapes

More Features

Training Materials

FIN EC 2022 - New Edition


News & Features

  • Extended functionality of Punching program
  • Masonry - Added assessment of wall subjected to concentrated vertical load.
  • Loading - Calculation of wind load acting on spheres

Output Report Samples

Text report sample Graphical report sample

Main Advantages of FIN EC Report

  • Clear one-page or comprehensive textual report
  • Possibility of custom report structures
  • Company profile with logo in the report header
  • Creation of custom report templates

Associated Applications

The program Concrete works separately, however the work can be simplified when using it together with the following programs for structural analysis:

  • FIN 3D – Analysis of 3D trusses and frame structures
  • FIN 2D – Analysis of 2D trusses and frame structures

These programs can be also used for design of RC structures:

FIN EC saves your time!

Try FIN EC software yourself. Download Free Demoversion.

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