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Structural Details

Steel Joints and Column Bases

Verification of joints in steel structures can be performed in the Steel Connections program, which enables the design of a wide range of steel joints, ranging from fin and end plates, to truss joints and anchoring steel columns and foundations. The analysis is performed by analytical methods and the program offers detailed documentation of the calculation process. The results are therefore easily verifiable. A joint preview can be saved as a drawing, which can be further edited in CAD programs.

Punching of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

The program Punching is designed to analyze the punching of a column through a reinforced concrete slab. The program supports various shapes of columns and column heads. Automatic design of shear reinforcement is included in the verification.

Check of Concrete Corbels

Corbels and similar structural details of reinforced concrete structures can be verified in the program Corbel. The calculation is performed using strut-and-tie models. Both directly and indirectly supported corbels can be designed.

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