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Roof Truss Design

TRUSS4 is a complex software solution for manufacturers of timber trusses with punched metal fasteners. TRUSS4 is able to assist in all parts of the truss production from structure modeling and structural analyses, economic calculations to manufacturing documentation and production control.

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New features in the TRUSS4 v14 release

Roof Truss Design TRUSS4

New features

  • Active workspace with context menus
  • New graphic selections
  • Object snap tracing
  • Truss 3D:
  • New 3D engine
  • Automatic search for identical trusses
  • Truss 2D:
  • New toolbar “Tools”
  • Stubbed truss with cantilever

Cooperating Nail-Plates Producers

Bova, Czech and Slovak RepublicBova logo

Design & Connectors, South AfricaNail Plate

BeA, France, PolandBeA

Unilam, South AfricaUnilam

If you are interested in cooperation, feel free to contact us for further information.

Try TRUSS4 software yourself.
For free.

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