TRUSS4 Software

Structural Analysis

TRUSS4 performs structural analysis of individual trusses, as well as the complete structure. It also automatically designs dimensions of timber members and nail plates and supports current standards and national annexes for most EU countries.

Support of Latest Standards

TRUSS4 covers the latest standards SANS 10163-1 and EN 1995-1-1. For Eurocode, we support national annexes for Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Sweden, and Norway. Besides the standards listed above, the program also includes additional local standards such as NF DTU 31.3.

Complex Structural Analysis

The software performs complete structural analysis for ULS and SLS. The structural model also includes an effect of slip in joints. The calculation consists of automatic design of timber members and nail plates. The program also includes subsequent analysis, such as automatic calculation of load acting on bracing frames.

Design of Subsequent Elements

Besides trusses, other essential parts of the structure can be designed within the software. Hangers and other metalwork from predefined database can be used for connections of trusses and fixationof trusses to wall plates. The software also inserts bracing, which is essential for spatial stability of the structure and for transfer of horizontal wind loads.

Spatial Solution for Loads

Due to the increasing design requirements of standards, it is necessary to look for unique solutions. One example of such solution is the spatial load model for roof planes in Truss 3D. This determines the exact load acting on any part of the roof, even for complex designs where the regular design method is not sufficient.

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