TRUSS4 Software

Economic Calculations

TRUSS4 emphasizes the economic side of the project, as it automatically optimizes the design to find the minimum price for the structure, while keeping the design safe. Furthermore, it includes options to create user-defined price calculations for trusses and additional work.

Optimized Design

The automatic design of truss members is performed by iterations for the most economical design. A similar solution is applied for the design of nail plate dimensions and positions.

Bill of Materials

The program includes a list of all members, nail plates, and metalwork, which is necessary for the project. Besides these basic items, the program also calculates areas and dimensions for subsequent structures. For example, roof plane areas, length of rain gutters, and ridges. With user-defined equations, it is possible to use these values in custom bills.

Price Calculation

The software’s key part is the ability to create price calculations. The price of the project or individual trusses is easily accessible for further price optimization. These price calculations may be performed outside of TRUSS4 by exporting outputs into XLS or XML formats, within Truss Project Manager.

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