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Structural Analysis

Calculation of internal forces in frame and truss structures with the option of verification in designing programs.

FEM Programs for Structural analysis

Structural analysis programs for calculation of internal forces and deformations of spatial (FIN 3D) and planar (FIN 2D) truss and frame structures by FEM. The programs are characterized by a simple user interface and easy operation. In addition to the basic calculation of internal forces and deformations, these programs can be used to solve complex problems (linear stability, dynamic calculations and calculations according to 2nd order theory). Created structures can be verified in fundamental designing programs (Steel, Concrete, Timber, Concrete Beam), or may be checked for fire resistance in programs Steel Fire, Concrete Fire and Timber Fire. The link-up of FIN programs to designing programs is completely simple and natural, thus the user can shift during work seamlessly from one program to another, and the data is always synchronized automatically.

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