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Data Input using Templates

All geological survey data in the Stratigraphy program is input using templates. The templates contain a definition of the data to test and the style of the output protocols. The user can use predefined templates that cover all commonly used tests (boreholes and wells, CPTs, SPTs, PMTs, DMTs, etc.).

If the predefined templates do not suit the user, they can create their own templates. Then the input is completely user-defined.

The same principle of input using templates is also used by the Laboratory program for the processing and management of soil and rock mechanics tests.

Stratigraphy Logs Module

User-defined Templates

The definition of data and output for each test may vary from country to country or project to project. The user is, therefore, free to create a custom template according to their project requirements, standards, and/or local habits. After the user has defined their data and how they want to enter it, they can also create a definition of what the output report (including header, tables, and graphs) will look like.

The user-defined template can then be exported to allow it to be used by other users within their company.

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