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Settlement Calculations

Foundation Settlement

The settlement of foundation structures is solved within the framework of specialized software for shallow and deep foundations:

Terrain Settlement

The calculation of the subsoil settlement; i.e. under an embankment or a surcharge, can be solved analytically in the Settlement program. A 1D consolidation calculation can also be performed in this program.

For more complex tasks, settlement can be calculated numerically in the FEM program, where any loading including cyclic loading can be modelled. With the FEM Consolidation extension module, consolidation calculations with vertical and horizontal water drains can also be solved numerically.

Settlement behind the Shoring Structure

After the deformation of the shoring structure into the foundation pit, the ground behind the shoring structure settles. This calculation is performed in the Sheeting Check program.

Settlement above the Tunnel

The calculation of the aptly termed subsidence trough can be performed in the Ground Loss including the effect of the settlement on buildings located in the overburden area. The subsidence trough can be also determined numerically in the FEM program, which is the main program for tunnel calculations.

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