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The program calculates cross-sectional characteristics of arbitrary cross-sections. Both different shapes and materials can be combined in the software.

This program is distributed as a part of these products: FIN 2D, FIN 3D, Steel, Steel Fire, Concrete (and as part of any programs package).

Main features

  • Database of various cross-sections (steel hot rolled profiles, the most common concrete, timber and masonry cross-sections)
  • Database of materials
  • Input of arbitrary shapes using polygons, circles and arches
  • Openings
  • Tools for rotation, move and mirror of cross-sections or their parts
  • Compination of more materials in one cross-section
  • Real (with consideration of used materials) or ideal (recalculated according to the given material) cross-sectional characteristics
  • Detailed text and brief graphical reports


  • Centre of gravity of the cross-section
  • Cross-sectional area and perimeter
  • First and second moments of area
  • Major and minor radius of gyration
  • Section moduli at edge points of the cross-section
  • Ellipse and polar moment of inertia
  • Second moments of area and radii of gyration
  • Torsional constant (Saint Venant torsion)

The program works independently however it can be used in cooperation with programs FIN 2D, FIN 3D, Steel, Steel Fire and Concrete for input of cross-sections which are not included in the database of these programs.

More Features

Training Materials

Associated Applications

Cross-sections created in this product can be used in following programs:

  • FIN 3D – Analysis of 3D truss and frame structures
  • FIN 2D – Analysis of 2D truss and frame structures

Following designing programs are able to verify resistance of cross-sections created in the program Section:

  • Concrete – Verification of RC members
  • Steel – Verification of general steel members
  • Steel Fire – Verification of fire resistance of steel members


Output Report Samples

Text report sample Graphical sample report

Main Advantages of FIN EC Report

  • Clear one-page or comprehensive textual report
  • Possibility of custom report structures
  • Company profile with logo in the report header
  • Creation of custom report templates

The new Edition FIN EC 2024


News & Features

  • Cloud Connection
  • Custom filtering of the cross-section database (Steel)
  • Effect of normal force in a rigid end plate connection (Steel Connection)

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