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Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance Analysis

Programs Steel Fire, Concrete Fire and Timber Fire are the basic design programs for the analysis of fire resistance of structures. These programs are used for the verification of both manually entered cross-sections and whole structures created in Fin 3D and Fin 2D programs. It is possible to select the temperature curves and the design methods (the 500° isotherm and zone methods for concrete structures, and the methods of reduced cross-section or properties for timber structures). Users can also specify the fire detail, which is the style of exposure to fire. There are both unprotected details when the element is exposed to direct fire from several sides and protected details when the fire resistance of the structure is increased by fire protection.

Additional Freeware Programs

Fundamental designing programs are complemented by supporting programs Parametric Temperature Curve and Heat Transfer. The Parametric Temperature Curve program simplifies the fire analysis of structures. Based on the given topology of the fire compartment, it calculates the course of the parametric temperature curve, which can be used in the verification of steel and concrete structures. The curve is calculated based on the amount of fire load in the compartment, and unlike other temperature curves the temperature decreases from a certain point. Using the Heat Transfer program, the temperature development in a steel structure and the surrounding gas during a fire can be determined. Both of these programs are available free of charge.

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