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Geological Survey

GEO5 programs assess data from geological surveys, create geological models and professional data reports. Data from the geological model can be exported into GEO5 design programs. It is possible to define embankments and earth cuts for calculation of earth volumes.

Geological survey management and data reporting software

Program GEO5 Stratigraphy assesses results from site investigation (boreholes, CPTs, SPTs, etc.), generates 2D or 3D geological models and exports cross sections and geological profiles into GEO5 design programs.


Site Investigation is a module used for professional data reporting from the program GEO5 Stratigraphy. It provides many different pre-defined reports of data from the site investigation (boreholes, SPTs, CPTs, dynamic penetration etc.) and reports of created geological cross-sections from geological model. The Site Investigation module will be released in Autumn Release of 2019 Edition.

The Terrain enables to create a digital terrain model and layers of soil from inputted or imported points, edges and boreholes. Another GEO5 program can be launched from the program to verify the created geological models. It also enables simple definition of embankments and earth cuts for calculation of earth volumes.

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