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Pile Foundations

Single Pile Design

The Pile program is used to calculate the vertical and horizontal bearing capacity of a single pile. This calculation can be performed by several analytical methods and numerically by the spring method. The program uses the load-settlement curve from which the settlement of the pile can be determined. The program also designs the longitudinal and shear reinforcement for the RC piles. It is also possible to verify the bearing capacity of timber and steel piles.

The vertical bearing capacity and settlement of the pile can be also determined directly from the results of field tests (CPT, SPT) in the Pile CPT program.

Pile Group Analysis

Pile groups or micropiles connected by a rigid plate can be solved in the Pile Group program. The analysis can be performed analytically for cohesive and non-cohesive soils as well as numerically by the spring method. When using the spring method, the bearing capacities of individual piles or micropiles can be verified in the Pile or Micropile programs. The data is automatically transferred to both programs.

Pile groups can be solved directly based on field test data in the Pile CPT program.

Micropile Analysis

The Micropile program designs micropiles loaded by normal forces and moments. It can verify the vertical load capacity of the shaft and root. The program also performs buckling checks and allows consideration of the effects of corrosion.

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