TRUSS4 Software

Structural modelling

TRUSS4 creates complex designs of truss structures in 3D. It is possible to create fully user-defined shape of the trusses and subsequent structures, such as structural bracing.

3D Structural Model

The model is designed with easy-to-use tools for maximum productivity in 3D environment. The program is able to import DWG/DXF files as layouts, or automatically generate roof planes.

Predefined Templates

The most common truss structures are predefined in templates. This allows the generation of a group of trusses, such as hips, valleys, and bracing frames in only a few moments. The program also includes libraries with the most common truss designs.

General Truss Model

The software allows to design all truss types without any geometry limitations. Users can simply design complex joints with an unlimited number of connected members or completely user-defined end cuts.

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