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Fin 3D

FIN 3D has been developed to performs structural analysis of 3D structures using the Finite Element Method (FEM). The program allows simple entering of structures and contains user-friendly interface to view results of structural analysis. Interaction with designing programs of FIN EC package gives user the advantage of structure verification in these specialized programs and sending the results back to FIN 3D.

  • Available in packages:

Try FIN EC software yourself. For free, without analysis restrictions.

Main features

  • National annexes for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Bulgaria
  • Various types of members (basic, beam on subsoil, excluded tension/compression)
  • Database of common steel, timber, concrete and masonry cross-sections
  • Generator of most common structures (trusses, frames etc...) including loading
  • Import of structure layout in *.dxf file format
  • Copy of structures or their parts from one project to another
  • Generator of combinations (mutual excluding of selected load states, determination of main variable loads etc...)
  • Analysis according to the theories of 1st and 2nd order
  • Dynamics - calculation of eigenmodes and natural frequencies
  • Linear stability - calculation of critical load
  • Members can be verified in programs Steel, Steel Fire , Timber, Timber Fire, Concrete, Concrete Beam and Concrete Fire
  • Optimization of verification time with the help of design members and design groups
  • Easy printing of well-arranged documents

Additional tools

  • Section – Calculation of cross-sectional characteristics of arbitrary shapes
  • Sector – Characteristics of thin-walled steel cross-sections

More Features

Training Materials

FIN EC 2018

FIN EC 2018

News & Features

  • Fin 2D, Fin 3D - Members with variable cross-sections (haunches)
  • Fin 2D, Fin 3D - Alignment of members on screen
  • Verification programs - Import of forces from clipboard
  • Verification programs - Haunches for task types “Member” and “Beam”
  • Punching - Punching of foundations

Output Report Samples

Text report sample Graphic report sample

Main Advantages of FIN EC Report

  • Clear one-page or comprehensive textual report
  • Possibility of custom report structures
  • Company profile with logo in the report header
  • Creation of custom report templates

Associated Applications

We recommend purchasing the following designing applications together with the program:

  • Steel – Design of steel members according to EC3
  • Steel Fire – Verification of fire resistance of steel members
  • Timber – Design of timber members according to EC5
  • Timber Fire – Verification of fire resistance of timber members
  • Concrete – Design of RC members according to EC2
  • Concrete Beam – Complex verification of horizontal members
  • Concrete Fire – Fire resistance of concrete structures

Try FIN EC software yourself. For free, without analysis restrictions.

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