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Retaining Wall Design

Conventional Retaining Walls

Gravity concrete or stone walls can be solved in the Gravity Wall program. It is possible for the user to define the cross-sectional shape of the wall in this program. Reinforced Concrete cantilever walls can be analysed in the Cantilever Wall program. Bridge abutments with the option of wing walls can be solved in the Abutment program.

All programs for wall analysis are seamlessly connected to other programs. Global stability is calculated in the Slope Stability program, foundation bearing capacity is solved in specific programs for shallow or deep foundations. All required data is automatically transferred between programs.

Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental walls are made up of multiple blocks. This includes gabion walls, which can be designed in the Gabion program. The Prefab Wall program is used to design walls composed of prefabricated blocks. A special program Redi -Rock Wall works with blocks of the Redi-Rock Inc. system. Each of these programs incorporate the anchorage of the blocks to the geogrids.

The Masonry Wall program is designed for walls made of masonry reinforced with a concrete foundation.

Reinforced Earth Walls

Special cases of retaining walls made of reinforced soil can be solved in two programs. The MSE Wall program considers soil reinforced with geo-reinforcements, whilst the Nailed Slope program works with nails and shotcrete and/or a steel mesh.

The general structure is loaded with earth pressure and analysed in the Earth Pressures program.

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