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Redi-Rock Wall

This program is used for designing advanced retaining walls using Redi-Rock wall system (USA). The program is identical to the RRWall+ program (available on Redi-Rock webpages for free), but it also allows full communication with other GEO5 programs.

Main Features

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Training Materials

"Redi-Rock Wall" Output Report Sample

GEO5 - Redi-Rock Wall- Output Report Example

Main Advantages

  • Customizable report structure
  • Report header personalization
  • Add and edit unlimited images from the analysis
  • Pictures automatically update to show results based on current settings

New Features in GEO5 2023

GEO5 2023
  • Mobile App for data collection
  • Point Cloud - new program
  • Hoek Brown model
    (Slope Stability)
  • Construction stages can be inserted (All Programs)

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